Hindi Day in India Date in the current year: September 14, 2024

Hindi Day in India In India, Hindi Day is celebrated on September 14. It commemorates the day Hindi was adopted as the official language of the Dominion of India.

Hindi is one of the two standardized forms of the Hindustani language, the other being Urdu. It is the official language of India, along with English. Outside of Asia, Hindi is also spoken in the Republic of Fiji.

Hindustani principally developed in North India during the Mughal Empire (around 16th entry). During the colonial period that began in the 19th century, Hindustani was divided into two registers, Hindi and Urdu. Hindi was spoken by the Hindu community, it used Devanagari script and had more Sanskrit words in its vocabulary. Urdu was spoken by the Muslim community, it was written in the Persian alphabet and used more Persian and Arabic words.

In 1947, India was granted independence from the British Empire as one of its dominions. As Indian population spoke a great variety of languages, the issue of the official language was quite important. On September 14, 1949, the Constituent Assembly adopted Hindi as the country's official language. It should be noted, that Hindi is the official language of the government, but not the national language. India has no national language at all.

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