Turkmen Melon Holiday Date in the current year: August 11, 2024

Turkmen Melon Holiday Turkmen Melon Holiday (Turkmen Melon Day) is an official holiday in Turkmenistan celebrated on the second Sunday in July. It was established by the first President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov in 1994.

Agriculture is a significant sector of Turkmenistan's economy. Although the two major crops are cotton and wheat, the Turkmen are very proud of their muskmelons. Turkmen melons are praised for their large size, taste and aroma. According to local melon growers, 400 of the world's 1600 melon varieties originate from Turkmenistan as the country's climatic conditions are perfect for melon growing.

Turkmen Melon Holiday was established to recognize the importance of muskmelons in the country's history and culture. It is one of the twenty-four public holidays celebrated in Turkmenistan. The holiday is observed in August because it is the ripening season for the sweetest and most delicious melon variety called Vaharman.

Melon Day is widely celebrated throughout the country, but the biggest celebration is held in the capital city of Ashgabat. The holiday is marked with agricultural conferences, open-air fairs and markets, tastings of different melon varieties, competitions performances, dance and music events.

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