Family Day in Vietnam Date in the current year: June 28, 2019

Family Day in Vietnam Many countries have special holidays dedicated to mothers, fathers, children and families as a whole. Vietnam also has such holiday, Family Day, which is annually celebrated on June 28.

Family Day (or Vietnamese Family Day) is not an official public holiday, that foresees a day-off, but at the same time it is very popular and celebrated around the whole country. The holiday was established by Prime Minister of Vietnam in 2001.

Celebration of Family Day is aimed to emphasize importance of the family and its values in shaping of character of every person. Cities across Vietnam organize different cultural activities, that promote strong family bonds.

A festival of family culture is organized in Hanoi. This festival includes sports competitions, photo exhibitions and other events. These and other activities help families experience different Vietnamese traditions, like learning net fishing, planting rice and riding a buffalo. These traditional activities are mostly not experienced by parents and their children before, that is why Family Day is a good opportunity to become a part of Vietnamese traditions.

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