Kashubian Unity Day in Poland Date in the current year: March 19, 2024

Kashubian Unity Day in Poland Kashubian Unity Day is an annual festival in Poland that celebrates Kashubians, a West Slavic ethnic/linguistic group in north-central Poland. It has been held on March 19 since 2005.

Kashubians are a Slavic people living on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the historical region of Pomerelia. They have preserved their traditions and still speak their own language (although sometimes the Kashubian language is classified as a divergent dialect of Polish) due to having lived somewhat isolated for a long time.

Kashubians were first mentioned on March 19, 1238. In his bull issued on this day, Pope Gregory IX referred to Prince Bogislaw of Pomerania as duke of Kashubia. The anniversary of the first historical written mention of Kashubians is now celebrated as Kashubian Unity Day.

This event is coordinated and sponsored by the Kashubian-Pomeranian association based in Gdańsk. It focuses on promoting Kashubian culture. The celebration includes exhibitions, folks art fairs, and a tournament of Baszka, the traditional card game invented by Kashubians.

Every year, the event is held in a new location within Kashubia. It has already been held in Gdańsk, Tuchomie, Kramarzyny, Miastko, Bytów, Kartuzy, Słupsk, Brusy, Kościerzyna, and Sierakowice.

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