Afro-Colombian Day in Colombia Date in the current year: May 21, 2024

Afro-Colombian Day in Colombia Colombia annually observes Afro-Colombian Day on May 21. This holiday celebrates both the abolishment of slavery in 1851 and establishment of the first free town of Palenque de San Basilio.

Afro-Colombian Day was first celebrated in 2001. The celebration of this holiday should raise public awareness to the importance of the Afro population and the effect they made on the history of Colombia. The holiday celebrates intellectual, artistic and social contributions of Afro-Colombians. During the event people enjoy food, music, art and learn local folklore. The best way to celebrate Afro-Colombian Day is to join one of the festivals, that are organized across the country.

African people, who were brought to Colombia by the Spanish as slaves, produced a diverse cultural heritage. About 10.6% of Colombian population is of African ancestry, including Mulattoes, whose ancestors were African slaves and Europeans. About 3% of population are of ancestry of Africans and indigenous people.

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