Gai Jatra in Nepal Date in the current year: August 20, 2024

Gai Jatra in Nepal Gai Jatra (gai – cow, jatra – festival) is one of the most famous and popular festivals of Nepal. This festival commemorates the death of people, who died during the last year. During the festival the cows, the sacred animals in Hinduism, are marched in the streets of Nepal.

Celebration of the festival of cows in Nepal has very old traditions. In the ancient times people were feared and worshiped the god of death Yamaraj, but in the medieval times the ironic sessions synonymous with the festival entered the tradition and it's kept to its present form.

According to the traditions of Gai Jatra, every family, who has lost one of the relatives during the year, must take part in the procession and lead a cow. If a cow is not available, then a boy is dressed as a cow, that is considered as a good substitute.

After the end of the procession almost everyone wears masks and dresses up. This merry event is marked with songs and jokes, and it lasts till the late evening.

The celebration of the Gai Jatra festival enables people to prepare themselves for death and the life after death. According to Hindu teachings, the deeds in one's life are a preparation for the life after death.

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