Turkmen Bakshy Day Date in the current year: September 8, 2024

Turkmen Bakshy Day Turkmen Bakshy Day is celebrated in Turkmenistan on the second Sunday in September. This national festival is dedicated to bakshy, the folk performers of the peoples of Central Asia.

Historically, bakshy were the traveling singers and shamans. They acted as healers and spiritual figures and also provided music for celebrations of births, weddings and other important events. They were and still the keepers of folk traditions, that is why they are so much respected in Turkmenistan and have their own festival.

Bakshy's role is very important in present-day Turkmenistan, as well as it was in the past. They are often invited to celebrations and they participate in folk concerts. Visitors to Turkmenistan have an opportunity to look at bakshy during traditional Turkmen wedding, when the singers entertain the guests with songs. Usually bakshy sing a cappella or to the accompaniment of traditional instruments.

Turkmen Bakshy Day is a national holiday in Turkmenistan, and it's officially included to the list of important public dates by a presidential decree.

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