Charity Day in Ukraine Date in the current year: December 8, 2024

Charity Day in Ukraine Charity Day in Ukraine is celebrated on the second Sunday in December. It was officially established by President Viktor Yushchenko in December 2007 and has been observed every year ever since.

Charity Day is dedicated to all the people involved in charity. Viktor Yushchenko designated it as an official holiday to support the initiative of non-governmental organizations. The holiday aims to uphold the principles of charity and humanism, and to promote charitable work in Ukraine. Charity Day is not an official non-working holiday, but it is a day off for most people as it always falls on Sunday.

Best known Ukrainian charity organizations include (but are not limited to) Heart to Heart, Light of Hope, Ukrainian Foundation for the Well-Being of Children, Klitschko Foundation, Social Partnership, and many others. Charity has become especially important in Ukraine during the War in Donbass. Many people volunteer or donate money, clothes, medicine, blood, etc. to support Ukrainian soldiers.

On Charity Day, Ukrainians are encouraged to learn more about the country's charitable organizations and get involved in charity. Even a small donation can make someone's life better or even save them.

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