World Music Day Date in the current year: June 21, 2024

World Music Day Fête de la Musique, or World Music Day, is one of the worldwide known music festivals, that is annually celebrated on June 21. The festival is organized in 110 countries around the world in more than 406 cities.

American musician Joel Cohen originated the concept of an all-day music festival back in 1976. He was working for two years in France as a producer of musical radio programs for the French National Radio. His idea was supported by the Minister of Culture Jack Lang.

Minister of Culture Jack Lang requested Maurice Fleuret to become Director of Music and Dance in October 1981. When he found out, that one child of two played a musical instrument, he decided to create some kind of festival, that would bring all French to the streets. Thus the Fête de la Musique was born and it was organized for the first time in Paris in 1982.

Celebration of World Music Day is organized under the slogan Faites de la musique (make music), that in French sounds like Fête de la Musique. Many concerts are organized on streets, making all kinds of music accessible for public for free.

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