National Pupusa Day Date in the current year: November 10, 2024

National Pupusa Day National Pupusa Day is an annual holiday in El Salvador celebrated on the second Sunday of November. It is dedicated to a traditional Salvadoran dish.

A pupusa is a thick corn flatbread (tortilla) stuffed with a savory filling, such as cheese, meat, fish, beans, or vegetables. It is typically accompanied by curtido, a lightly fermented cabbage relish that resembles tart cole slaw, Korean kimchi or European sauerkraut.

Pupusas are believed to have been invented almost 2000 years ago by the Pipil tribes who live in western El Salvador. The pre-Columbian pupusas were half-moon shaped and made with vegetarian fillings.

Despite their long history, pupusas became widespread across El Salvador only in the mid-20th century. On April 1, 2005, the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador declared pupusas as the national dish of Salvador. The second Sunday of November became a holiday named National Pupusa Day.

On the occasion of National Pupusa Day, fairs are typically held in the capital and big cities of El Salvador. On November 10, 2007 the world’s biggest pupusa was made at a fair in the capital park. It was 3.15 meters in diameter and was made with 200 lb of maize dough (masa), 40 lb of chicharrón (fried pork belly and rinds) and 40 lb of cheese. This record was broken 5 years later with a 4.25 m pupusa.

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