Hangul Day in North Korea Date in the current year: January 15, 2024

Hangul Day in North Korea North Korea observes Korean Alphabet Day or Hangul Day on January 15. This day is a commemorative day that marks the invention and proclamation of Korean alphabet.

King Sejong the Great proclaimed the publication of newly created alphabet in the ninth month of the lunar calendar in 1446. That date corresponds to November 4 of the Gregorian calendar, but later an original copy of commentary to the Hunmin Jeongeum (the document that introduced the Korean alphabet) was found and the date had to be switched again. This time it was switched to October 9, that corresponded to Julian calendar. October 9 is Hanguel Day in South Korea, but North Korea celebrates this holiday on January 15, which is believed to be the date of the actual creation of Hunmin Jeongeum.

Hangul Day has got another name, Gagyanal. This name derives from Gagyageul, which is an early colloquial name for Hangul, based on a mnemonic recitation beginning gagya geogyeo. In 1928 name Gagyanal was changed to Hangullal, that was widely accepted as the new name for the alphabet.

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