World Party Day Date in the current year: April 3, 2024

World Party Day World Party Day, also referred to as P-Day, is an annual global celebration that occurs on April 3. This event focuses on creating a better reality for all the people in the world.

The first World Party Day took place on April 3, 1996. The event was inspired by the book Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel by American author Vanna Bonta. The novel ends with the countdown to a mass synchronized event that would unite all of humanity. This event is referred to as a world party as the opposite of a world war.

World Party Day has no political or religious connections, it is a celebration for all the people in the world. Its motto is “Party is the opposite of war”. The idea behind it is that passive promotion of peace is ineffective, while taking positive action is a perfect way to make the world a better place.

On April 3, everyone is encouraged to attend or throw a party and just have fun. It does not matter whether you attend a formal event or a large party. Some people celebrate with a couple of their closest friends or even alone. Any form of celebration is acceptable, as long as you enjoy yourself.

During the recent years, synchronized global events have escalated. For example, in 2007, 24,000 people danced simultaneously at the Quadrille Dance Parade.

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