Peruvian-African Friendship Day in Peru Date in the current year: October 19, 2024

Peruvian-African Friendship Day in Peru Peruvian-African Friendship Day is annually organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru in cooperation with the embassies of African countries on October 19. Celebration of this day enhances the cultural, economic and political relations between Peru and African countries.

Nation of Peru has African roots, and this can be spotted in Peruvian cuisine and music. African people made great contribution to development of cultural life in Peru, that is why existence of Peruvian-African Friendship Day is very important for the nation.

Annual celebration of this holiday is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru. Originally only four embassies of African countries, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa and Morocco, participated, but every year the number of participants increases and now the ambassadors from Angola, Cameroon, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria and Burkina Faso also attend the event.

The main event of the day is a photo exhibition of landscapes of African countries. Other events, like Afro-Peruvian jazz concert, are organized later during the week.

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