International Nepali Dhoti and Topi Day Date in the current year: January 1, 2024

International Nepali Dhoti and Topi Day On January 1, Nepali people around the world celebrate International Nepali Dhoti and Topi Day. This cultural observance is dedicated to two items of traditional clothing that are worn as symbols of national pride.

The dhoti is a traditional men’s garment worn the Indian subcontinent. It is a rectangular piece of cloth which men wrap around the waist and legs and knot at the waist. The dhoti is the national dress of in some parts of southern Nepal. It is worn by Nepalis of Madhesi, Maithali and Tharu ethnicity.

Nepali topi, also known as Dhaka topi, is a type of hat of that became widely popular during the reign of King Mahendra of Nepal (1955–1972). Nepalis wear the topi as a symbol of national pride that unites the different ethnic groups of Nepal (the country has more than 100 various ethnicities that speak different languages). Government officials often wear the Nepali topi as a part of the national dress on special occasions.

The main goal of International Nepali Dhoti and Topi Day is to promote Nepalese culture. On this day, Nepalis all other the world wear the topi and sometimes also the dhoti (if the climate allows) to demonstrate their pride in Nepalese culture, their people and their country.

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