Kurdish Authors Union Day Date in the current year: February 10, 2024

Kurdish Authors Union Day In Iraqi Kurdistan (a Kurdish proto-state that constitutes the only autonomous region in Iraq) there are several holidays dedicated to the history and culture of Kurdistan. One of them is Kurdish Authors Union Day. It is celebrated annually on February 10.

The Kurds are an ethnic group that mostly inhabits parts of southeastern Turkey, northwestern Iran, northern Iraq, and northern Syria. They speak a collection of related dialects, collectively known as the Kurdish languages. They include Kurmanji, Sorani and Palewani. These three groups of dialects are not mutually intelligible.

The term “Kurdish literature” refers to literature written in any of the Kurdish dialects. Ali Hariri (1009–1079) is one of the first well-known Kurdish poets. He wrote his works in the Kurmanji dialect. Another famous Kurdish poet who wrote in Kurmanji is Ahmad Khani (1650–1707). His most important work is a Kurdish classic love story entitled Mam and Zin. The development of Kurdish literature in Sorani began somewhat later, in the late 18th century.

In Iraq, the development of the Kurdish language and Sorani literature is supported by the government. In 1970, the Kurdish Academic Council was established for academic studies in the Kurdish language and literature. There’s also the Kurdish Authors Union established on February 10, 1970. The anniversary of its establishment is an annual observance in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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