Chinese and Vietnamese New Year Date in the current year: February 16, 2018

Chinese and Vietnamese New Year Chinese New Year is one of the major holidays in China. It's celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar and continues to the fifteens day of the month, that is Lantern Festival. This makes the festival of New Year the longest in the Chinese calendar.

The history celebration of Chinese New Year is very long. It gained special significance due to the myths and traditions. Traditionally the festival was a time to honor ancestors and deities, thus different customs evolved.

Traditionally every family makes the thorough cleansing of the house to sweep away ill-fortune and invite good luck. The families gather on the New Years Eve for the annual reunion dinner, where typical menu includes chicken or pork, dumplings and fish. Windows and doors are decorated with colorful paper-cuts and couplets. Another tradition is giving money in red paper envelopes.

Chinese New Year affected many other countries, that is why the holiday is also celebrated in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines. New Year Day and a whole week after it is a day off in China. But in the countries with numerous Chinese diaspora the day off is given only on New Year Day.

Vietnamese New Year is celebrated on the same day as Chinese, though the exceptions are made due to the one-hour time difference between the capitals of the countries. This results in the alternate calculation of the new moon. The traditional celebration of Vietnamese New Year has many in common with the celebration of Chinese New Year.

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