Canada Book Day Date in the current year: April 23, 2024

Canada Book Day On April 23, Canada celebrates Canada Book Day, an annual event aimed at promoting books and reading. It is celebrated on the dame date as UNESCO's World Book and Copyright Day.

Canada Book Day was first organized by the Writer's Trust of Canada, a national charitable organization aimed at providing financial support to Canadian authors and supporting Canadian anglophone literature.

However, the Trust no longer organizes the event. No other organization has stepped to organize special events on the occasion. Unfortunately, Canada Book Day does not receive promotion and recognition it deserves. Most Canadians are unaware that April 23 is the day for celebrating Canadian literature and reading in general.

As no special events are held on Canada Book Day, you can celebrate it by picking a new book to read or re-reading one of your favorite books. It is also a good occasion to find a new book series to immerse yourself in or to learn more about Canadian authors. Dedicate April 23 to reading and encourage your friend to do so, too.

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