National Canadian Film Day Date in the current year: April 17, 2024

National Canadian Film Day All Canadian film lovers, as well as people involved in the Canadian film industry, celebrate National Canadian Film Day every year on the third Wednesday of April. This day was launched in 2014 as a massive one-day celebration of Canadian cinema.

The first National Canadian Film Day (NCFD) was presented by Reel Canada, a non-profit organization celebrating Canada through film. It included 70 invitational public events in 44 Canadian communities, which were covered by national media. The inaugural NCFD turned out a great success, so Reel Canada has continued to organize it every year since then.

The celebration of NCFD lasts all day log; it includes various events aimed to celebrate the impressive achievements of Canadian filmmakers, such as film screenings, panel discussions, online and offline conversations, and more. The central event of NCFD that attracts major public attention is the annual film festival where new Canadian films are screened for the first time. Some of them are even streamed online for free!

Over the years, NCFD has partnered with major industry players that help to champion great Canadian films, such as Telefilm Canada, CBC, Netflix Canada, Encore + and Cineplex, as well as a number of broadcast partners and distributors. The event is also supported by the government of Canada.

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