National Canadian Film Day Date in the current year: April 29, 2019

National Canadian Film Day National Canadian Film Day is annually celebrated by all Canadian film-lovers on April 29. This day was created in 2014 as a special festival, when all can enjoy Canadian films.

The first National Canadian Film Day was celebrated in 2014 and it was a great success. The events were hosted by Reel Canada, a non-profit organization celebrating Canada through films, and this organization is still responsible for celebration of NCFD. The inaugural event was organized in 44 Canadian communities and 70 invitational public events were held. The festival was covered by national media.

Celebration of NCFD lasts all day long and it involves various events related to Canadian movies, such as panel discussions, screenings, online and offline conversations. But the major event, that every one enjoys, is a special film festival. New Canadian films are certainly to be presented for the first time at the festival, and some of them are streamed for free. And if you miss a chance to attend it, just watch any Canadian film at home.

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