Kid Inventors' Day Date in the current year: January 17, 2019

Kid Inventors' Day Kid Inventors' Day is annually celebrated on January 17. The holiday honors all kids inventors around the world, who invented different things, that are common today.

Kid Inventors' Day is celebrated on the birthday of Benjamin Franklin, one of the most influential politician in the history of the USA. The history of the holiday dates back to 1718, when young Ben stood on the edge of water and wished (like all boys do) he could swim faster. Ben didn't forget his dream and invented the first pair of swimming flippers. Back then Ben was only 12 years old, but his invention is a gift for all scuba and snorkeling divers.

Braille system was also invented by a kid. The blind Louis Braille, 15, was frustrated with the “night system” of letters available to blind. He decided to improve the system and his new reading and writing system was named after him.

There are lots of inventions, that were made by kids. Encourage kifd to solve problems of their environment by different inventions. This is the reason why Kid Inventors' Day exists.

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