National Literature Day in Kyrgyzstan Date in the current year: December 12, 2024

National Literature Day in Kyrgyzstan National Literature Day is celebrated in Kyrgyzstan on December 12. This holiday was established in 2011 and has been observed ever since.

The date of December 12 was chosen to commemorate Chyngyz Aitmatov, a famous Kyrgyz author who was born on this day in 1928. Aitmatov is the best known figure in the literature of Kyrgyzstan. During his prolific career that spanned about five decades he created numerous works in both Kyrgyz and Russian.

Aitmatov's most notable works include the novels Jamila, The Whit Ship, and The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years. His last novel, When the Mountains Fall, was published in 2006, two years before Aitmatov's death.

Coincidentally, December 12 is also the death anniversary of Alykul Osmonov, a famous Kyrgyz poet noted for his efforts to modernize Kyrgyz poetry. He contributed to the transformation of poetry from an oral to a literary tradition. Osmonov also translated many European authors into the Kyryz language.

National Literature Day is celebrated throughout the country with various cultural and educational events organized in schools, libraries, etc. This events include, but are not limited to, discussions, readings, lectures, and contests.

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