Day of Belarusian Cinema Date in the current year: December 17, 2024

Day of Belarusian Cinema Day of Belarusian Cinema is celebrated annually on December 17. It commemorates the foundation of Belarusian film industry in 1924.

On December 17, 1924, the government of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic established Belgoskino (Belarusian State Cinema), a special directorate responsible for the development of the country's film industry. A year later, the first Belarusian feature film premiered in Minsk. The first film studio in Belarus, Soviet Belarus, was founded in 1928. In 1946, it was renamed Belarusfilm. Currently Belarusfilm is the country's main film studio.

Day of Belarusian Cinema was established to recognize the accomplishments of the country's film industry. In 2014, Belarusians celebrated the 90th anniversary of Belarusian cinema. Belarusfilm released a special DVD entitled “The Golden Dozen of Belarusfilm”. It contained twelve most famous Belarusian feature films: The Adventures of Buratino, About Little Red Riding Hood, I Come from Childhood, Crown of Sonnets, The City of Craftsmen, Our Neighbors, White Dew, The Clock Stopped at Midnight, My Love, King Stakh's Wild Hunt, The Sing of Misfortune, and In August 1944. Most of these films were created during the Soviet era.

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