Sake Day Date in the current year: October 1, 2023

Sake Day Sake Day is a Japanese national observance, that is spreading across the world. People celebrate this holiday annually on October 1 since 1978, when it was declared by the Japan Sake Brewers Association.

Celebration of Sake Day on October 1 is connected with the fact, that it's brewing season always starts in this month and it lasts till April. The best way to celebrate this holiday is drinking sake. If October 1 falls on working day, be free to start celebration on the weekend before or after this day.

Sake is made from fermented rice and it's often referred to as wine, but it's really more like beer, however its production really differs from the process of brewing beer. Sake is a national beverage in Japan, that is why serving it requires a special ceremony.

During the last years celebration of Sake Day spread all over the world and its generally known as World Sake Day. People pay tribute to sake and gather at breweries in Canada, the USA, Great Britain to enjoy fresh sake and cocktails.

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