Father's Day in Latvia Date in the current year: September 8, 2024

Father's Day in Latvia Latvia is adopting new traditions and holidays, that promote valuable cultural ideas. For instance, relatively recently Latvians started celebrating Father's Day, that annually falls on the second Sunday in September.

For a long time Latvia was influenced by the Soviet regime, that is why popular western holidays, were banned. But when Latvia gained independence from the Soviet Union, the government started to move towards European traditions. One of these steps was establishment of Father's Day in 2008. This holiday hasn't gained success, but the government promotes it and encourages its celebration by organizing various events and activities, that involve participation of fathers and children. There are no special Latvian traditions, that is why the practice is borrowed from other countries.

Celebration of Father's Day should promote the idea, that a man, as a father, is an important figure in the life of every child. And fathers should be happy with the families and children they have.

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