National Mills Weekend in the UK Date in the current year: May 12, 2024

National Mills Weekend in the UK National Mills Weekend is an annual festival in the United Kingdom that falls on the second weekend in May. It is held by the Wind and Watermills section of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB).

Originally it was a single day event, National Mills Day, that was observed on the second Sunday in May but in recent years it has been celebrated on the preceding Saturday as well. The event focuses on raising public awareness about the importance of protection, repair and continued use of traditional mills.

During National Mills Weekend, many preserved watermills and windmills that are typically closed to the general public open their doors. There are excursions that offer people an insight into the mills history and working.

Every year, National Mills Weekend's official website ( provides information about windmills and watermills that are going to be open to visitors. Mills can be open on one or both days.

In 2014, National Mills Weekend celebrated Mills in Art. This theme was such a success that it was used again in 2015. Mill owners who open their mills to the public and run activities are encouraged to link these activities to the theme.

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