Europe Day in the Council of Europe Date in the current year: May 5, 2024

Europe Day in the Council of Europe May 5 is Europe Day, celebrated by the European countries. This holiday commemorates the establishment of the Council of Europe.

There are two different observances, that concern European Union. May 5 was created for the Council of Europe and commemorates its establishment in 1949. And May 9 was created for the European Union to commemorate the day, when it's predecessor was proposed in 1950.

The Council of Europe was created on May 5, 1949 and the holiday for celebration of the event was established in 1964. However, the leaders of Community decided to celebrate Europe Day on May 9 in commemoration of the 1950 Schuman Declaration.

Europe Day, observed on May 9, has more preference, than observance on May 5. Despite this the holiday is still observed by Europeans, due to the major role that the Council of Europe plays in seeking to defend human rights, rule of law and parliamentary democracy.

Denmark and the Netherlands have another reason to celebrate Europe Day. This holiday coincides with Liberation Day, that commemorates the surrender of German troops there.

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