Strange Music Day Date in the current year: August 24, 2019

Strange Music Day International Strange Music Day is an unusual holiday celebrated on August 24. It was created by Patrick Grant, a New York City-based American composer.

Peter Grant is an American composer whose works are a synthesis of various genres and styles, including classical music, popular music, world music, post-punk, ambient, and others. Because of his unusual music, it was hard for Grant to find a label that would want to put out his new CD. Having given up searching, Grant founded his own label and named it Strange Music.

Strange Music Day was originally conceived by Grant as a way to promote his new CD. He chose August 24 as the day because it was the birthday of his then-girlfriend’s father who was a mentor to Grant of sorts. As a couple of years passed, he started noticing that people were picking up on Strange Music Day as an actual holiday. Once the holiday became popular in Europe, Grant changed the name to International Strange Music Day.

The main goal of Strange Music Day is to encourage composers and musicians to step out of their comfort zone and to experiment with genres and styles. The holiday also strives to introduce audiences to unusual music you will never hear on the radio or MTV. On this day, you can see artists perform music they are not usually associated with and reveal their guilty pleasures to the public.

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