Library Shelfie Day Date in the current year: January 24, 2024

Library Shelfie Day On the fourth Wednesday of January, take a photo of your bookshelf and post it on social media because it is Library Shelfie Day. This amazing holiday was created to encourage book lovers share their favorite books and promote reading.

The word shelfie is an amalgamation of “shelf” and “selfie”. It means just what you’re probably thinking: a shelfie is a photograph of a shelve or shelves showcasing one’s prized possessions such as books, movies, collectibles, memorabilia, trophies, etc. Of course, when a book lover uses the word shelfie, they most certainly mean a picture of a bookshelf or bookcase.

Library Shelfie Day was launched in 2014 by the New York Public Library to promote the love of libraries and the written word, and to encourage libraries and readers around the globe to share their book collections with the world. The holiday is celebrated exactly a week after Museum Selfie Day, which was created the same year.

The best way to celebrate Library Shelfie Day is, of course, to take a picture of your bookshelf or bookcase and share it on social media with the hashtags #LibraryShelfieDay and #LibraryShelfie. You can also take a selfie with your favorite book or books to share your readings preference through a single photograph.

How to make a good shelfie? Start by arranging your books. Many people order their books by author or by genre, which is, without any doubt, very practical, but you may want to rearrange your books a little to take an impressive shelfie. Foe example, you can order your books by color or by height, stack them, or flip the books so that you’re facing the fore-edge instead of the spine (it works especially well for books with colored fore-edges).

Once you’ve arranged the books, don’t be in a hurry to take photos. Add some objects to make your shelfie more interesting: a scented candle, a small potted plant, a Funko Pop figurine of your favorite book character, etc. Finally, make sure that the lighting is good and that the composition is balanced (keep in mind that balanced does not necessarily equal symmetrical; you can use negative space to make your shelfie more captivating).

Remember that your shelfie doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t want a generic display of books in a bland color scheme; you want a shelfie that reflects your personality as a reader and as a person: old, well-read books mixed with new ones you haven’t got to reading yet, personal trinkets, your favorite book-themed coffee mug (don’t tell us you don’t own one), a pair of reading glasses – anything that you think will make your shelfie uniquely you.

If you don’t own many paper books, you can visit your local library and take a selfie there – and don’t forget to borrow a book or two to read while you’re at it! Some libraries host special Library Shelfie Day events, so you should definitely check out whether your local library has something to offer. Other great ways to celebrate the holiday include dropping by the nearest bookcrossing spot and leaving a couple of used books there, hosting a book swap party for your book-loving friends, or starting a Bookstagram.

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