Melbourne Cup Date in the current year: November 5, 2024

Melbourne Cup The first Tuesday in November is a traditional day of Melbourne Cup. This is Australia's major horse race, that has been held since 1861.

The idea to organize the horse race belongs to Frederick Standish, who was the member of the Victorian Turf Club. The first horse race was held on Thursday 7 November 1861 and only 17 horses competed. The price was modest: 710 gold sovereigns and a hand-beaten gold watch. The horse race was held for the first time on the first Tuesday in November in 1875.

Melbourne Cup is a public holiday only in Melbourne and some parts of the state Victoria. Federal Public Servants have a holiday in the entire state. Melbourne Cup is called the “race that stops the nation” and many Australians and tourists watch the event. The citizens of Melbourne try to attend the event and, may be, win some money.

Did you known that cornflower is the symbol of Melbourne Cup? The buttonholes with a blue cornflowers are worn on the lapel of the suit. In fact, flowers are very important for Melbourne Cup, and another symbol of the racing week is a rose.

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