Day of Tradition in Argentina Date in the current year: November 10, 2019

Day of Tradition in Argentina Day of Tradition (Día de la Tradición) is celebrated in Argentina on November 10. It commemorates the birthday of José Hernández, an Argentine poet best known for his epic poem Martín Fierro.

José Hernández was born on November 10, 1834. Although he was a journalist and a politician as well as a poet, he is almost exclusively known for his magnum opus Martín Fierro. Martín Fierro is an epic poem centered on the life of the gaucho, using him a symbol of Argentine national tradition and emphasizing the role of the gaucho in Argentina's independence from Spain.

Day of Tradition was created to celebrate the gaucho culture and the cultural impact of José Hernández. Although it is not a public holiday, it is widely marked throughout the country, with the main celebration being held in the town of San Antonio de Areco, which is regarded as the center of the gaucho culture.

The celebration lasts for a week, climaxing on November 10. Festive events and activities include gaucho parades, open-air concerts, parties, barbecues, folk musician and dancing, horsemanship shows, rodeos, cultural events etc. The main event is the big gaucho parade that is usually held on the Sunday closest to November 10.

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