Ecological Observances

05.01National Bird Day in the USAUSA
10.01National Save the Eagles DayUSA
11.01Nature Reserves and National Parks Day in RussiaRussia
14.01National Forest Conservation Day in ThailandThailand
15.01Arbor Day in Jordan, Egypt and MaltaJordan, Egypt, Malta
20.01Penguin Awareness Day
21.01National Squirrel Appreciation DayUSA
24.01International Mobile Phone Recycling Day
26.01World Environmental Education Day
28.01International Reducing CO2 Emissions Day
31.01International Zebra Day
02.02Marmot Day in AlaskaUSA
02.02National Hedgehog DayUSA
06.02Tu BishvatIsrael
11.02Forest Animal Feeding Day in PolandPoland
14.02World Bonobo Day
15.02World Hippo Day
17.02National Cat Day in Italy and PolandPoland, Italy
18.02World Pangolin Day
19.02World Whale Day
19.02National Arabian Horse DayUSA
22.02National Wildlife DayUSA
27.02International Polar Bear Day
01.03National Horse Protection Day (World Horse Day)USA
05.03National Tree Planting Day in IranIran
09.03National American Paddlefish DayUSA
11.03Johnny Appleseed Day in the USAUSA
12.03Tree Day in North MacedoniaNorth Macedonia
12.03Sun-Earth Day
12.03Arbor Day in China and TaiwanChina, Taiwan
13.03National Thai Elephant DayThailand
14.03International Day of Action for Rivers
15.03National Festival of Trees in the NetherlandsNetherlands
15.03International Day of Action for the Seals
16.03National Panda DayUSA
18.03National Biodiesel DayUSA
18.03Global Recycling Day
20.03World Sparrow Day
20.03Equinox Earth Day
20.03World Frog Day
21.03Arbor Day in Belgium, Portugal and LesothoBelgium, Lesotho, Portugal
21.03National Renewable Energy DayUSA
22.03Baltic Sea DaySweden, Finland, Denmark, European Union, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Estonia
22.03National Tree Day in Sint MaartenSint Maarten
22.03International Day of the Seal
23.03National Puppy Day in the United StatesUSA
24.03National Tree Planting Day in UgandaUganda
28.03National Weed Appreciation DayUSA
29.03Declaw Awareness Day
29.03Manatee Appreciation Day
01.04National Tree Planting Day in TanzaniaTanzania
01.04Fossil Fools Day
02.04Sizdah Be-dar (Nature Day) in IranIran
02.04National Ferret DayUSA
03.04World Aquatic Animal Day
05.04Sikmogil (Arbor Day) in South KoreaSouth Korea
06.04National Siamese Cat DayUSA
07.04International Beaver Day
08.04National Plitvice Lakes Day in CroatiaCroatia
10.04National Farm Animals DayUSA
10.04World Jaguar Day
13.04International Plant Appreciation Day
14.04National Dolphin DayUSA
15.04Environment Day in UkraineUkraine
17.04International Bat Appreciation Day
21.04National Tree Planting Day in KenyaKenya
21.04World Curlew Day
21.04International Hemp Day
22.04Earth Day and International Mother Earth Day
25.04Arbor Day in GermanyGermany
25.04World Penguin Day
26.04Stop Food Waste Day
26.04National Kids and Pets DayUSA
27.04World Tapir Day
28.04National Arbor Day in the USAUSA
28.04National Hairball Awareness DayUSA, United Kingdom
29.04Arbor Day in ColombiaColombia
29.04World Disco Soup Day
01.05International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day
03.05Sun Day
04.05Bird Day in the USAUSA
05.05Arbor Day in the Dominican RepublicDominican Republic
05.05African World Heritage Day
05.05National Ferret Day in the UK
06.05World Naked Gardening Day
07.05International Permaculture Day
08.05World Donkey Day
12.05National Public Gardens DayUSA
12.05Environmental Education Day in RussiaRussia
13.05National Forest Planting Day in RussiaRussia
13.05World Migratory Bird Day
13.05National Tree Planting Day in MongoliaMongolia
14.05Thai Buffalo Conservation DayThailand
19.05National Endangered Species DayUSA
20.05European Maritime DayEuropean Union
20.05Volga Day in RussiaRussia
20.05National Rescue Dog Day in the United StatesUSA
22.05Bike Day in CanadaCanada
22.05Arbor Day in Guatemala and EcuadorGuatemala, Ecuador
23.05World Turtle Day
24.05European Day of Parks
25.05International Plastic Free Day
28.05National Arbor Day in VenezuelaVenezuela
28.05World Dhole Day
28.05Whooping Crane DayUSA
29.05National Alligator DayUSA
30.05Arbor Day in HondurasHonduras
30.05National Potato Day in PeruPeru
31.05World Parrot Day
31.05World Otter Day
01.06World Reef Day
03.06National Prairie Day in the United StatesUSA
03.06National Trails Day in the United StatesUSA
03.06National Black Bear DayUSA
04.06Coastal Cleanup Day in RussiaRussia
05.06Environment Protection Day in BelarusBelarus
05.06Arbor Day in New ZealandNew Zealand
05.06World Day Against Speciesism
06.06World Pest Day
06.06World Green Roof Day
09.06Coral Triangle DayIndonesia, Malaysia, , Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Philippines
10.06Dragonfly DayUSA
11.06Canadian Rivers DayCanada
11.06World Jaguar Day
15.06Arbor Day in Costa RicaCosta Rica
15.06Global Wind Day
15.06National Megalodon Day in the United StatesUSA
16.06World Sea Turtle Day
16.06International Waterfall Day
17.06World Croc Day
19.06Arbor Day in ParaguayParaguay
20.06Arbor Day in AustraliaAustralia
20.06National American Eagle DayUSA
21.06Arbor Day in Cuba
21.06World Giraffe Day
21.06International Surfing Day
22.06World Rainforest Day
22.06World Camel Day
25.06Arbor Day in the PhilippinesPhilippines
25.06National Catfish Day in the USAUSA
30.06Arbor Day in NicaraguaNicaragua
01.07Dnieper DayUkraine, Russia, Belarus
01.07National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav) in IndiaIndia
02.07National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav) in IndiaIndia
03.07National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav) in IndiaIndia
03.07Plastic Bag Free Day
04.07National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav) in IndiaIndia
05.07National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav) in IndiaIndia
06.07National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav) in IndiaIndia
06.07Arbor Day in Chile
07.07National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav) in IndiaIndia
08.07Sea and Fishermen's Festival in LatviaLatvia
09.07Arbor Day in CambodiaCambodia
10.07Global Energy Independence Day
13.07National Tree Day in MexicoMexico
14.07Shark Awareness Day
16.07World Snake Day
17.07Marine Day in JapanJapan
19.07National Urban Beekeeping DayUSA
20.07National Tree Planting Day in the Central African RepublicCentral African Republic
20.07World Jump Day
21.07No Pet Store Puppies DayUSA
26.07International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem
28.07Schools Tree Day in AustraliaAustralia
28.07World Nature Conservation Day
29.07International Tiger Day
30.07National Tree Day in AustraliaAustralia
01.08National Alpaca Day in PeruPeru
03.08Arbor Day in NigerNiger
04.08International Clouded Leopard Day
08.08National Tarantula Appreciation DayUSA
08.08Scottish Wildcat DayUnited Kingdom
09.08Smokey Bear’s Birthday in the United StatesUSA
10.08World Lion Day
12.08World Elephant Day
12.08Glorious TwelfthUnited Kingdom
14.08World Lizard Day
15.08Flooding of the Nile in EgyptEgypt
15.08National Check the Chip DayUSA
17.08National Black Cat Appreciation DayUSA
18.08National Tree Planting Day in PakistanPakistan
19.08National Honey Bee DayUSA
19.08International Orangutan Day
20.08Renewable Energy Day (Akshay Urja Diwas) in IndiaIndia
23.08International Blind Dog Day
25.08National Park Service Founders Day in the United StatesUSA
26.08Finnish Nature DayFinland
26.08International Bat Night
27.08Lake Sevan Day in ArmeniaArmenia
29.08Arbor Day in ArgentinaArgentina
30.08National Beach DayUSA
30.08International Whale Shark Day
01.09Arbor Day in PeruPeru
01.09International Primate Day
02.09International Vulture Awareness Day
02.09National Hummingbird DayUSA
03.09Lake Baikal Day in RussiaRussia
04.09National Wildlife DayUSA
07.09National Threatened Species Day in AustraliaAustralia
08.09National Iguana Awareness DayUSA
09.09Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup DayUSA
09.09Thung Yai-Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries Day in ThailandThailand
10.09Sustainable House Day in AustraliaAustralia
10.09Fjord Day in DenmarkDenmark
12.09World Dolphin Day
15.09Clean Up the World
15.09Greenpeace Day
16.09National Cleanup Day in the USAUSA
16.09International Red Panda Day
17.09National Pet Bird DayUSA
18.09World Water Monitoring Day
18.09World Bamboo Day
20.09National Canal Conservation Day in ThailandThailand
21.09Arbor Day in BrazilBrazil
22.09National Arbor Day in BarbadosBarbados
22.09World Car Free Day
22.09World Rhino Day
22.09Elephant Appreciation Day
23.09National Public Lands DayUSA
23.09National Hunting and Fishing DayUSA
23.09European Mushroom Day
23.09International Rabbit Day
24.09World Rivers Day
26.09World Environmental Health Day
26.09Johnny Appleseed Day in the USAUSA
27.09National Tree Day in CanadaCanada
29.09Arbor Day in the US Virgin IslandsAmerican Virgin Islands
29.09Save the Koala DayAustralia
01.10Arbor Day in the Northern Mariana IslandsNorthern Mariana Islands
01.10National Arbor Day in BoliviaBolivia
01.10National Black Dog DayUSA
01.10International Raccoon Appreciation Day
02.10World Day for Farmed Animals
04.10eDay in New ZealandNew Zealand
04.10World Animal Day
05.10National Dolphin Day in IndiaIndia
06.10National Badger Day in the UKUnited Kingdom
08.10Octopus Day
10.10Arbor Day in GuamGuam
10.10Arbor Day in PolandPoland
11.10National Pet Obesity Awareness DayUSA
13.10Arbor Day in NamibiaNamibia
14.10National Tree Planting Day in MongoliaMongolia
14.10World Migratory Bird Day
14.10International African Penguin Awareness Day
15.10National Pug DayUSA
18.10European Paper Bag DayEuropean Union
20.10Arbor Day in the Czech RepublicCzech Republic
20.10International Sloth Day
21.10National Annual Tree Loving Day in ThailandThailand
21.10National Reptile Awareness DayUSA
22.10Wombat Day in AustraliaAustralia
23.10International Snow Leopard Day
24.10National Kangaroo Awareness DayAustralia
26.10National Mule DayUSA
27.10World Lemur Day
27.10National Black Cat Day in the UKUnited Kingdom
28.10Prefectural Earthquake Disaster Prevention Day in GifuJapan
28.10National Pit Bull Awareness DayUSA
31.10International Black Sea Action Day
03.11Arbor Day in SamoaSamoa
03.11World Jellyfish Day
03.11International Day for Biosphere Reserves
04.11National Bison Day in the USUSA
04.11World Numbat Day
11.11National Tree Day in LuxembourgLuxembourg
11.11Energy Conservation Day in KazakhstanKazakhstan
11.11International Energy Saving DayKazakhstan
11.11Puerto Princesa Underground River Day in the PhilippinesPhilippines
12.11National Tree Festival in TunisiaTunisia
12.11Tit Day in RussiaRussia
13.11Tree Day in North MacedoniaNorth Macedonia
15.11National Tree Planting Day in Sri LankaSri Lanka
15.11America Recycles DayUSA
17.11Black Cat Day in ItalyItaly
17.11National Take a Hike DayUSA
22.11Humane Society Anniversary DayUSA
22.11Arbor Day in the British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin Islands
24.11Walrus Day in RussiaRussia
26.11World Lewis Day
27.11Turtle Adoption Day
29.11International Jaguar Day
01.12Faux Fur FridayUSA
02.12National Pollution Prevention Day in IndiaIndia
03.12Global No Pesticides Use Day
04.12Thai Environment DayThailand
04.12International Cheetah Day
04.12Wildlife Conservation Day
09.12National Llama DayUSA
10.12International Animal Rights Day
11.12National Tree Planting Day in MalawiMalawi
13.12National Day of the HorseUSA
14.12National Energy Conservation DayIndia