National Tree Planting Day in Malawi Date in the current year: December 9, 2024

National Tree Planting Day in Malawi Malawi is a small landlocked country, often nicknamed the Warm Heart of Africa. The environmental situation is very bad in Malawi, that is why observation of National Tree Planting Day and planting thousands of trees should improve the situation.

National Tree Planting Day is annually observed in Malawi on the second Monday in December. The raining season begins in Malawi in September and lasts till April. The air is humid and hot, that is the best time to plant native trees.

Annually President of Malawi announces the observance of National Tree Day and encourages all people to participate. Since the economy of Malawi is heavily based on agriculture, everyone is almost obliged to plant at least one tree. It's believed, that planting trees will help improve environmental situation in Malawi and protect the soil from deterioration. Moreover, President of Malawi calls on people to plant trees as one of the means to overcome the greenhouse effect, affecting the country and the whole planet.

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