National Tree Planting Day in Uganda Date in the current year: March 24, 2024

National Tree Planting Day in Uganda March 24 is National Tree Planting Day in Uganda. The holiday was established to raise awareness of the importance of fighting deforestation.

Tree Planting Day, also known as Arbor Day, is celebrated in many countries. Each country typically chooses its own date to observe Arbor Day depending on suitable planting season. For example, Uganda's National Tree Planting Day is celebrated on March 24.

Uganda is a country with rich natural resources. Uganda's tropical forests are home to a vast number of species, including endangered ones. Sadly, over the last decades Uganda has been losing its forest, and deforestation has become a matter of great concern.

Uganda has lost about two-thirds of its forests over the past two decades. It deforestation continues at its current rate, the country will have lost all its forests by 2050. The rapid rate of deforestation is attributed to increased urbanization, rapid growth of population, expanding farmland, and climate change.

The government and conversation organizations of Uganda hold events aimed at raising awareness of deforestation, and National Tree Planting Day is one of them. On this day, Ugandans are encourage to contribute to forest salvation.

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