Black Cat Day in Italy Date in the current year: November 17, 2024

Black Cat Day in Italy Black Cat Day is celebrated in Italy on November 17. The initiative was launched in 2007 by the Italian Association for the Protection of Animals and the Environment (AIDAA) to reduce the number of black cats killed because of superstition.

Black cats are believed to bring bad luck in many cultures. Across Europe, they have been associated with witchcraft for centuries. In the Middle Ages, black cats were killed for allegedly being companions for witches. Although witch hunt ended long ago, many people still think black cats bring bad luck.

According to AIDAA, about 60,000 black cats are killed every year in Italy by superstitious citizens. Some cats are also killed as part of black magic rituals performed by Satanist groups, especially on Halloween night. Besides, black cats are less likely to be adopted from shelters and the first to be euthanized because no one wants them.

Black Cat Day is observed on November 17, because most black cats are killed around Halloween (in late October and early November), and the number 17 is considered to be unlucky in Italy. The awareness day is marked with conferences, exhibitions and other events that aim to combat superstition and protect black cats.

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