Sun-Earth Day Date in the current year: March 12, 2019

Sun-Earth Day Many people have heard about Earth Day on March 21, but Sun-Earth Day might be rather an unknown and bizarre event for them. However, it does exist since 2000, when it was established by NASA and ESA.

Celebration of Sun-Earth Day has an educative character. It was established in order to give people more information about the events that occur in space. The events may be about anything related to Earth and Sun, including eclipses, planet transits, magnetic storms, space weather, influence of Sun on people's disorders etc.

Every year something special takes place in space, and NASA wants to draw our attention to it by celebration of Sun-Earth Day. There is no fixed date of this day – originally it should take place close to the spring equinox, but in fact Sun-Earth Day may be observed on any day and any month of the year. The date is annually chosen to be close or coincide with some important space event or important mission started by NASA. For instance, in 2015 Sun-Earth Day is on March 12, that is the launching day of the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission.

So check the updates to stay tuned and don't miss a unique chance to celebrate Sun-Earth Day and participate in NASA's programs!

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