Bike Day in Canada Date in the current year: May 27, 2024

Bike Day in Canada All Canadians on bikes are brought together to celebrate Bike Day in May. The first relating event was first organized in Canada in 2012, and the first annual Bike Day was celebrated in 2014.

Prior to 2012 there had been many attempts to build a national non-race cycling advocacy organization in Eastern and Western Canada. These attempts led to formation of the Founding Board of Directors, that met for Velo-city global cycling conference in 2012. After the conference representatives of national organizations and legislators interested in cycling started promotion of a special day of cycling. Finally Bike Day was organized by Canada Bikes organization in cooperation with John Weston, MP for West Vancouver and Senator Nancy Greene Raine. Together they implemented an idea of highlighting the importance of cycling as a healthy, wealthy and environmentally friendly form of physical activity.

Bike Day is annually observed on the fourth Monday in May. All Canadians are encouraged to go by bikes everywhere rather than using cars. People are also encouraged to participate in local cycling events, organized across the country.

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