National Festival of Trees in the Netherlands Date in the current year: March 20, 2024

National Festival of Trees in the Netherlands National Festival of Trees (or Nationale Boomfeestdag) is annually celebrated in the Netherlands on the third Wednesday in March. This festival is mostly organized for children to encourage them to plant at least one tree.

In 1954 the United Nations adopted a resolution recognizing the need for arousing mass consciousness, physical and economic values of trees. It recommended every member-state organize a special tree festival celebrated each year. The date of the festival is chosen to suit the local weather conditions.

National Festival of Trees (until 1980 it was National Tree Planting Day) was established in the Netherlands by the National Committee of Tree Planting Day in 1957. The festival is annually organized at schools of all Dutch municipalities in March, however, at some places this festival is celebrated around September 21.

Every year the Committee chooses a special theme, however, the municipalities and even schools can also provide their own themes to celebrate National Festival of Trees.

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