World Parrot Day Date in the current year: May 31, 2024

World Parrot Day World Parrot Day is observed every May 31 to celebrate parrots and raise awareness about threats to these colorful and intelligent birds.

Parrots are birds that comprise the order Psittaciformes. There are almost 400 species of parrots, most of which are found in tropical and subtropical regions, primarily in the Southern Hemisphere. South and Central America and Australasia have the greatest diversity of parrot species.

Parrots are among the most intelligent birds, along with crows, jays, ravens and magpies. Some species of parrots even have the ability to mimic human speech, which has made them popular pets.

Sadly, about one-third of all parrot species are threatened by extinction as a result of illegal parrot trade, habitat degradation and loss, hunting, vulnerability to natural disasters and invasive species such as feral cats. Parrots are especially vulnerable to the loss of nesting sites, which is often caused by the loss of old trees.

World Parrot Day was created to raise awareness of the dangers parrots face. It was launched in 2004 by the World Parrot Trust, a registered charity founded in 1989 and dedicated to saving parrots that focuses on rehabilitating parrots and returning them to their natural habitat. The Trust promotes the welfare of parrots with the help of research and educational programs, as well as funds vital conservation efforts.

The inaugural World Parrot Day was marked by a rally in London. Organizers and supporters gathered in Trafalgar Square and marched toward Downing Street to hand then Prime Minister Tony Blair a petition asking for a complete import ban on wild parrots into the EU. It was signed by 33,000 people. Three years later, the European Union permanently banned the import of wild birds, including parrots.

In addition to educating the general public about the dangers that wild parrots face, World Parrot Day raises awareness of the challenges faced by pet parrot owners and highlight the importance of being a responsible pet owner. Parrots are popular pets because they are intelligent and colorful, but one should keep in mind that owning a parrot is not a walk in the park because these birds require an enormous amount of care and attention.

Parrots are high-maintenance pets with a long lifespan; they can be loud, destructive and aggressive. Because of this, a lot of parrot owners eventually realize that they are not able to take proper care of their pets and end up rehoming their parrots, which could have been avoided with proper research before adopting a parrot.

There are many ways to get involved with World Parrot Day. You can participate in one of the many events held by zoos and animal welfare organizations across the world, check out a parrot exhibit at your local zoo even if it doesn’t host any special events, donate to a parrot rescue group or conservation organization, learn more about parrots, and spread awareness on social media using the hashtag #WorldParrotDay. And if you have a pet parrot, don’t hesitate to share its photos and story online!

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