Arbor Day in the Czech Republic Date in the current year: October 20, 2024

Arbor Day in the Czech Republic Arbor Day is observed in the Czech Republic every year on October 20. This observance is celebrated since 2000.

Celebration of Arbor Day originates in the USA, and as well as other American holidays it spread to many other countries around the world. Arbor Day was celebrated in the Czech Republic for the first time early in April 1906, but this observance was interrupted by World War I and World War II. After the end of the wars the Communist regime didn't allow reestablish this observance.

The idea to popularize celebration of Arbor Day in the present-day Czech Republic belongs to the former director of the botanical garden of the Charles University Václav Twig and the gardener Martin Patřičný. Together they made attempts to organize the first observance of Arbor Day. They chose October 20 as the appropriate date for observance, since it's one of the days, when the trees are the most beautiful during the year.

Although Arbor Day is a relatively recent observance, it encourages many people to plant trees in the Czech Republic.

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