Arbor Day in the British Virgin Islands Date in the current year: November 22, 2024

Arbor Day in the British Virgin Islands People of the British Virgin Islands are aware about the importance of environment conservation, that is why they annually observe Arbor Day. The trees planting events annually take place on November 22.

Arbor Day is coordinated in the British Virgin Islands by the National Parks Trust, that was established by the government of the islands in 1961. The main goal of the Trust is to preserve the natural beauty of the territory, that has been severely affected by humans' activity.

The uncontrolled process of disafforestation led to devastation of large areas of woods and home of thousands of species of animals, birds and insects. The National Parks Trust managed to restore the mahogany, cedar and mangrove forests by trees planting events, that were held across the islands.

Observance of Arbor Day involves schools and residents of the islands. Hundreds of seedlings are annually distributed among them to be planted across the islands. Another activities of the day include the national Arbor Day Poetry Competition.

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