National Tree Day in Sint Maarten Date in the current year: March 22, 2024

National Tree Day in Sint Maarten The Dutch part of the island of Saint Martin annually celebrated National Tree Day on March 22. This holiday was officially declared by the governmental decree in 2008.

Sint Maarten encompasses only 40% of the territory of the island, while the rest 60% constitutes the French oversees collectivity of Saint Martin. Every year the Dutch part of the island organizes a special tree planting event to protect the native forests of the island and protect the soil from erosion.

Every year all community centers, schools, police stations and administration of Sint Maarten take the shovels to plant hundreds of trees. Every time special trees are chosen to be planted. During the events the Sint Maarteners plant native fruit trees, flamboyants, shade trees and many flowering trees, that make the island more beautiful and colorful. The tropical climate with its rainy and dry seasons allows growing some exotic trees, that are also very often planted on the Dutch part of the island.

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