National Tree Planting Day in Kenya Date in the current year: April 21, 2024

National Tree Planting Day in Kenya Traditional tree planting events are organized in many countries around the world, but the dates mostly do not coincide. For instance, National Tree Planting Day is celebrated in Kenya every year on April 21.

As well as many other international observances, Arbor Day originates in the USA. The very first event was held in Nebraska in 1872. In 1885 Arbor Day gained an official status and it started spreading across the world. The English-speaking countries adopted celebration of Arbor Day (or National Tree Planting Day) very fast, while in other countries this ecological observance didn’t appear till the end of the 20th century.

The Kenyans are aware about the environmental situation in their country, that is why they annually participate in the tree planting related events. The tree seedlings are distributed among schools and children plant the trees. This teaches them to protect environment and how to take care of trees.

Very often Kenyans plant coconut and palm trees along the south-east border of their land, that is washed by the Indian Ocean.

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