National Arbor Day in Barbados Date in the current year: September 22, 2024

National Arbor Day in Barbados National Arbor Day is annually observed in Barbados on September 22. The first observance of this day dates back to 1907.

The first official observance of National Arbor Day took place in Barbados on November 9, 1907 to commemorate the birthday anniversary of HM King George, however, there are some mentions about the unofficial celebration of Trees Day dated to 1905. At some point observance of Arbor Day was forgotten, and it was revived only in 1997 as National Arbor Day. The date was changed to September 22, that is anniversary of Hurricane Janet on Barbados.

Hurricane Janet was the most powerful tropical cyclone in 1955. It formed on September 21 and disappeared 9 days later, on September 30. On September 22 it passed over Barbados, becoming the first hurricane to strike the island in 57 years. Many trees were damaged and felled across the island.

In 1997 the National Conservation Commission re-launched the observance of Arbor Day. Together with a number of other foundations and units it formed the National Arbor Day Committee, that is responsible for annual organization of appropriate events.

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