Sea and Fishermen's Festival in Latvia Date in the current year: July 13, 2024

Sea and Fishermen's Festival in Latvia Sea and Fishermen's Festival is held in Latvian coastal towns and villages on the second weekend in July. It is the country's second largest summer festival after Jāņi (Midsummer’s Day) celebrated on June 24.

Latvia is located in the Baltic region, and the Baltic sea plays a very important role in its history and economy. The length of the country's coastline is 494 km. Latvia's most important ports on the Baltic Sea are Liepāja and Ventspils. The original settlements at their locations were founded by fishermen.

Latvia's Sea and Fishermen's Festival was established to celebrate the country's fishing industry, maritime traditions and marine resources. It was first held in 1936 in a small town of Pāvilosta. Nowadays, festivities are held in many coastal town and cities along Latvia's Baltic coast.

On the second weekend in July, many Latvians enjoy fishing tournaments, colorful parades, open-air concerts, sporting competitions and other festivities. For many of them, the festival is an opportunity to get away for the weekend and relax by sea.

Every year, coastal towns and villages attract many tourists with various festive events. Many Latvians and tourists from abroad travel from town to town in order to participate in as many events as possible.

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