National Tree Day in Luxembourg Date in the current year: November 9, 2024

National Tree Day in Luxembourg People across Luxembourg grab their shovels and go out to fields and streets to plant trees on the second Saturday in November. This day marks the celebration of National Tree Day, an annual event since 1992.

The establishment of National Tree Day was the initiative aimed at increasing the tree population in Luxembourg, that would contribute to the country's biodiversity. The same observance (it may be known as National Tree Planting Day or Arbor Day) also exists in other countries, but it falls on different dates. Usually it's held in spring or early autumn, but Luxembourg has mild winters, that's why planting trees early in November won't harm the trees.

National Tree Day's official ceremony is annually organized at different places, thus providing an opportunity to fight environmental issues in many parts of Luxembourg. A number of events are also organized in communes, where people plant trees and hedges. Mostly events are organized inside of the cities to improve the living conditions of their citizens.

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