Energy Conservation Day in Kazakhstan Date in the current year: November 11, 2024

Energy Conservation Day in Kazakhstan Energy Conservation Day in Kazakhstan is celebrated annually on November 11. It was officially established by the government of Kazakhstan in 2019 to coincide with International Energy Saving Day celebrated in some countries.

Energy conservation, sometimes referred to as energy saving, is the effort made to reduce energy consumption. The issue of energy conservation is relevant all over the world, especially in countries that heavily rely on energy resource import, due to the gradual depletion of non-renewable natural resources and pollution from fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).

The main tasks of energy conservation are to prevent resource depletion by using natural resources more rationally and introducing renewable energy sources, to reduce the environment footprint, and to lower the cost of goods and services, which includes, among other things, the cost of energy required to produce them. This can achieved either by efficient energy use or by reducing the amount of service used.

International Energy Saving Day has been celebrated in some countries since 2009. It was initiated by the School Project for Application of Resources and Energy (SPARE). The decision to establish International Energy Saving Day was adopted at a SPARE national coordinators meeting held in Kazakhstan, so it is quite fitting that the government of Kazakhstan chose to officially celebrate Energy Conservation Day at the national level.

The energy conservation policy of Kazakhstan is defined by the Law on Energy Saving and Improving Energy Efficiency that was adopted in 2012. Three years after the adoption of the law, the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan (reorganized into the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development in 2018) created the energy efficiency map that reflects all programs being implemented throughout the country to increase energy efficiency.

Unfortunately, energy consumption in Kazakhstan is currently growing instead of reducing, with more than 65% of the energy consumed by large industrial enterprises. Therefore, the main efforts taken by the government of Kazakhstan in order to improve energy conservation are aimed at increasing the efficiency of energy audits and strengthening regional policies and strategies in the field of energy conservation.

To monitor the dynamics of energy efficiency in the country, the Electric Power and Energy Saving Development Institute has developed a state energy register, which contains data on the energy consumption of thousands of organizations of Kazakhstan, as well as on their implementation of energy efficient technologies.

The main task of Energy Conservation Day in Kazakhstan is to draw the attention of the authorities and the general public to the importance of rational use of energy resources and the development of renewable energy sources. It is marked with seminars and other events that raise awareness of energy conservation and help various stakeholders connect, coordinate and cooperate.

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