National Tree Day in Mexico Date in the current year: July 11, 2024

National Tree Day in Mexico Every year Mexicans observe National Tree Day on the second Thursday in July. This observance was officially established by President of Mexico in 1959.

Many people around the world are concision about the environmental situation of our planet. Every government implements different laws and organizes various events to improve the environmental situation on the territory of its country, and planting trees is one of the ways to achieve the goal. The government of Mexico started the profess of afforestation back in 1959, when then-President Adolfo López Mateos established National Tree Day (Día del Árbol). He established this observance to raise public awareness of the importance of environmental protection and value of natural resources in Mexico and also around the world. Since the day of National Tree Day inauguration this ecological observance is annually held on the second Thursday in July.

The government of Mexico and local authorities promote annual celebration of National Tree Day and encourage every citizen to participate in the event.

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