Arbor Day in Brazil Date in the current year: September 21, 2024

Arbor Day in Brazil Brazil, probably, is the only one country in the world that can boast two Arbor Days. The observances take place in September and March. The main events of Arbor Day (Dia da Árvore) take place on September 21, while due to climate characteristics this day is also observed during the last week in March in some of the Brazilian states.

September 21 is considered to be the beginning of spring in the Southern hemisphere. The dry season ends and the first rains mark the end of September. The beginning of spring seems logical enough to start planting trees, isn't it? However, due to the geographical situation of Brazil the raining season doesn't begin in some states at the end of September.

In Northern states September is the peak of the dry season. Planting trees at the end of September doesn't bring the desired result, that's why the observance is moved to March. One day only is not enough to hold various events and activities dedicated to Arbor Day, that is why many states observe Arbor Week.

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