National Forest Conservation Day in Thailand Date in the current year: January 14, 2024

National Forest Conservation Day in Thailand National Forest Conservation Day in Thailand is celebrated annually on January 14. This observance is officially recognized by the government, but is not observed as a holiday.

In November 1988 southern Thailand suffered from disastrous floods that were caused by a combination of factors, including forest destruction. In order to prevent further destruction of forests, Rama IX (the King of Thailand) signed two executive decrees that empowered the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives to order the termination of logging concessions. The decrees were signed on 14 January 1989.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative proposed to proclaim January 14 National Forest Conservation Day and observe it annually. On 9 January 1990 the Cabinet approved the proposal. The main objective of this observance is to raise public awareness of the importance of forest conservation to minimize global warming and prevent floods and other natural disasters.

In honor of National Forest Conservation Day the Royal Forest Department launches a tree planting campaign. Everyone can get free saplings at a plant nursery station and plant a tree to help combat deforestation and global warming.

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