Arbor Day in Colombia Date in the current year: April 29, 2024

Arbor Day in Colombia Arbor Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. Special attention is paid to this day in the countries, where environmental issues are very acute, for example in Colombia. Here Arbor Day is celebrated every year on April 29.

Annual tree planting events are organized in Colombia to rise public awareness of the value of natural resources and trees. All countries of South America face the problem of deforestation, because rainforest is illegally cut down to produce wood and provide the territory for farming. Annually thousands of hectares of rainforest are turned into fields, and the habitats for animals, insects and birds are destroyed.

Celebration of Arbor Day and planting as many trees as possible helps overcome the problem of deforestation and land erosion. The government of Colombia annually calls on the citizens to participate in the national event and help save rainforest.

Arbor Day was originally celebrated in Colombia on October 12, but in 1941 it was officially moved to April 29.

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