Arbor Day in Honduras Date in the current year: May 30, 2024

Arbor Day in Honduras Arbor Day is celebrated in Honduras every year on May 30. It's interesting, that original date of celebration was May 15, but the changing was made due to several reasons.

In 1926 the government of Honduras proclaimed pine to be the national tree of Honduras. On February 4, 1927 Arbor Day was officially established, the inaugural celebration took place on May 15 and a number of pines were planted.

The government of Honduras changed the date from May 15 to May 30 primarily because of children. Celebration of Arbor Day should involve children, and they can participate and come closer to nature only at the end of May, when the school year officially ends at all private schools.

Arbor Day is mainly celebrated at schools and colleges, as one of the educative events for children. Schools prepare special allusive mural paintings telling about the importance of preservation of trees and natural resources and protection of environment.

Celebration of Arbor Day is also held among grownups, and tree-planting activities mostly relate to the pines.

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